Say What? June Again?

Well it’s that time of year again: Pride month. It used to be “gay pride”, and then “LGBT pride”, but now there are so many hitchhikers that have chosen to add their own little letter to the alphabet soup of sexuality, that it is easier, and saves time, to just call it “Pride”. Not that this blog is super active anymore, but it will be (hopefully) for this month.

In the past few years, the posts on this topic have been a lot about trying to persuade people to change their positions on homosexuality through appeals to Scripture, natural law, etc. Perhaps this approach has met with some success. Maybe some person somewhere has changed. Maybe that person is homosexual, which would be great. But I don’t know that that person exists. I also don’t know that the approach from reason is truly appreciated in our society which seems to be built on emotional experiences more than anything else. This is particularly true when it comes to sexuality.

I want to take a new approach this year. No politics. No current events. And no politics. I just want to write about the day-to-day experiences of life, how Catholicism and homosexuality do interact, how they should interact, and how to make progress. This is going to be far more geared towards someone who is actually homosexual than those who support it, approve it, and encourage it, but don’t actually experience it.

My goal is to write six to ten posts, and I hope to have the first one out by the end of the weekend, Monday at the latest. Stay tuned!