Easter Joy

I think that I say this every single year, but one of the things I love about being Catholic is the liturgical year, and the fact that not only is Easter an entire season (not just one Sunday), but that Easter Sunday itself is repeated for eight consecutive days. Today is the second day in the octave of Easter, and it is liturgically still Easter Sunday. Today is Easter. Physically it is Monday, but spiritually it is Sunday. It is amazing!

The wonderful thing about the celebration of Easter for 8 days is the message of joy that it sends. Easter is such a joyous occasion that it’s joy cannot be contained within one day, but spills over all week. And I am doing my best to ride this wave of joy, to immerse myself in it, to let God transform me in that joy. I realize that my last post from several weeks ago was slightly dark. Though it was about hope, it expressed a great amount of fear, particularly the fear of abandonment. I still stand by what I wrote, how I feel about my situation, and the truth that I believe supports my experience. 


But the joy of the Resurrection covers all my fears. Christ has hold of me. He has delivered me to God the Father. And like a good father, God knows exactly what I need and will provide. If and when I need to be set straight, God will be sure I will be given that gift. I have faith in that and that gives me great joy! God did not rise from the dead and raise me from death just to give up on me when I need him most. Jesus’ resurrection is the promise that he will not abandon me. What joy! What joy!
I am so looking forward to beginning my ninth year as a Catholic and the joy that the Lord will provide this Easter season.

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