Heaven Can’t See Earth

(Reblogged from August 16, 2012)

One of the things I have begun to take for granted as a Catholic is the fact that the victorious saints in heaven can hear and see what is happening in the material universe. That when I ask St. Therese to pray for me, that she can see me and that she can hear me.

It is utterly absurd to me that one could actually believe that those in heaven are completely unaware of the events on earth and that our petitions towards them fall on deaf ears.

For one, Scripture teaches that we will judge the angels (1 Cor 6:3). Angels are creatures that reside in heaven with God. They are far holier than any person on earth at this moment, and they are currently above us in the order of things. These holy, heavenly creatures are very aware of the things that happen on earth, and even descend to earth at times to give us messages, to help us, to protect us, and to teach us. We also know from the Scriptures that these angels gather the prayers of Christians to present them to God (Rev 8:3).

So we know that the angels can see and hear the universe, interact with it, and even present our prayers to God. And we know that those of us that have passed on to heaven, are even now above the angels! Their wills have been perfected to be even more patterned towards the will of God. But some would teach that they cannot hear us, see us, or interact with us. That is so silly. Why should there be a veil at a certain level of heaven where creatures below it can perceive the created universe and that the Creator who is above can perceive the created universe, but the creatures within it cannot?

If our wills have been made perfect with Christ’s and we have become one in him and he has become one in us, do we not see and hear as he does? Would we not be made even more aware of the universe than we are now? If the things that Christ desires are the things that we desire, would we not desire the salvation of all men? Would we not use our newfound glory to help them? Yes, yes, yes, and yes!

It is just silly to believe that all of heaven sees and hears earth except for the holy men and women that used to live on earth. It is silly to believe that a saint who sees a brother in need, especially when that saint has been fully sanctified, would not help that brother with every blessing at his disposal. It is silly to believe that a saint made perfect in charity would ignore the pleas of his fellow brother to offer a few prayers on his behalf. It is silly to believe that the mystical Body of Christ is broken by time and space.

I am thankful every day the saints here on earth who help me as best they can. And I am even more thankful for the saints who have gone on before me who help me the best as anyone in Christ possibly can. And I am thankful that the Church that has received me, has corrected the error that I was in as a Protestant, and has opened the door (which is just one of many) to the great treasure that is the Communion of the Saints.