Mass Again

(Reblogged from November 2, 2008)

I went to Mass again today with Megan and Andy. To be quite honest and true, I enjoy it a lot more than I do other church services. Any other service you walk into, you usually get handfuls of bulletins, announcements, outlines and the such. Not at St. Joe’s. Everything is so serious, so directed to God. When you seat yourself at your pew, you don’t look around twiddling your thumbs, looking for something to do, waiting for the sermon to start. You kneel in prayer. I don’t know if there is a specific prayer I am to pray, but this is what I prayed:

God, thank you for sending me to church with Andy and Megan. I am glad that they are my friends still after all that I said about their faith. But more than that God, thank you for salvation and redemption. Lord, please guide me and lead me to the truth. Amen.

It probably didn’t sound that eloquent flowing from my heart, but the Spirit intercedes for us, right? I really looked forward this morning for the Eucharist. I just can’t get over the idea that the bread and wine are more than symbols for Christ in the Catholic Church, but actually ARE the body and blood of Jesus Christ. I really just think that that is amazing (if it is true). I really liked going to Mass this morning.