God is So…More Than Words Can Describe

(Reblogged from July 9, 2008)

This is killing the giants week on project. It is a time for each of us to conquer our fears or talk to people that we are scared to talk to about spiritual matters. One of my particular fears is sharing my faith by myself, all alone, with nobody else but the Holy Spirit. I went to SDSU today, even though I went yesterday, for the lone reason of sharing alone. It took me awhile, hours actually, before I could no longer argue with myself into not approaching somebody. I prayed to God that he would make this first time an easy one. I saw this guy sitting on a bench and so I went up to him and initiated a conversation with a Quest survey. He said that his name was Phil and that he had grown up in the church but had fallen away but was now pursuing God again and started going to church. I felt like I was intruding on his studying, so I wrapped up and just urged him to keep searching. After I left I felt kind of bad, like I had let God down by not taking the conversation all the way through the gospel, giving Phil the chance to understand the gospel and pray to receive Christ.

Awhile later I ran into Travis, one of the guys I’ve grown closest with on project and he was really excited. I asked him to tell me the story and he said that he talked to this guy and walked through the gospel with him and that he prayed to receive Christ (he went into a little more detail than that, but that was the gist) and that his name was Phil. I couldn’t believe it. God is Sovereign and he showed that to me today. I didn’t do what God wanted to be accomplished and so he accomplished it through someone else. It’s so reassuring to me.

Then we had a bus/public transportation outreach tonight. Cole, Eric and I got on bus 9 to Old Town and we talked to this Irish guy named Brian. We didn’t really get into much of a spiritual conversation with him, but found out a little bit about himself and the fact that he starts at Sea World on Tuesday. Cole invited him to a picnic we are having on Sunday and Brian is going to come and bring all of his Irish friends with him. Then we got on the blue line trolley that goes downtown and then to the US/Mexican border. We sat down with this guy wearing a Sea World polo and so we talked to him. His name was Abel and he is a lead for the merchandise vendors. It was pretty cool talking to him. He lives about 2 train stations away from the border, so we got to talk to him for about 40-45 minutes. It was a really good talk. We learned about his spiritual background and a lot about this really cool guy. He is only 18 and going to be a sophomore in college this coming year and he was just really awesome.

God has just really tackled my giants today and helped me to share alone and to initiate real world spiritual conversations. I love God and he loves me.