Laudato Sii

As a conservative I read many things I did not want to hear.

If I were a liberal, I am certain that I would have read just as many things I would not want to hear.

I think that means that this was a good letter. As much as there were things I did not want to hear, it was because I know in my heart that I do not live up to this letter, that I am part of the problem. I have often thrown away food. I have thrown away things that work perfectly well so that they may end up in a dump. I have bought many things I have never used. I am a part of the problem.

But I found joy in reading because I felt convicted! Laudato Sii is incredibly beautiful, and is nothing new that the Church hasn’t already found in her tradition. I don’t know why some Catholics hate it so much? Its deeply Franciscan (the canonized Saint, not the pope). It is based soundly upon Scriptural views of creation, and reaffirms things that previous popes have been saying for decades, and that the bishops of multiple nations across the globe have been saying in recent times as well. You may not like Pope Francis, but this isn’t a liberal hippie dream he pulled out of his old papal butt. This is a restatement of Christian teaching on our place in creation and the duties of being stewards of God’s creation, including each other.

I found so much hope in this letter, and I can’t wait to read it a second time.


One thought on “Laudato Sii

  1. I think that reaction is significant – and not only because I recognise and share it. We are not meant to be comfortable when we are confronted with unpalatable truths, and there were very many of them contained in LS. You express well the dawning realisation that the Holy Father is saying something very profoundly conservative.

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