Don’t You Know Your Homophobia Could…?

So I have a tumblr (no I won’t tell you what it’s called), and an anonymous poster asked the following statement on a Catholic tumblr I follow:

Do you not even care that your homophobia could lead to the depression or suicide of gay teens?

I don’t know what particular kind of commentary this statement was in response to, but the blogger gave a great response. I also responded to the anonymous statement and kind of just wanted to share it here as well for other people who would agree with the OPs statement about our alleged homophobia as Catholics (don’t get me started on “homophobia”).

Anonymous OP is ignorant.

I’m a gay Catholic. And the Church’s teachings do not drive me towards depression or suicide. How could they? Has the OP ever even familiarized themselves with the teachings? Probably not. Read them. They are beautiful.

Sure, I struggle with them a lot. Not because they are hateful, but because they are hard. We ALL have difficult things we must do. They don’t drive us to suicide in and of themselves.
If anything drives me towards depression it is the closed-minded liberals who demand that as a gay person I walk lock and step with them in their ideology. That to be authentic I must support the entire LGBT liberal left agenda and that if I don’t I’m a hateful bigot. They mock Jesus and my religion. They believe that if I don’t embrace the gay lifestyle I hate myself. They look for every opportunity to smear the right, especially gay conservative Christians. We don’t act just like them and because we are different from them they treat us worse than any Christian has ever treated me. THAT’S what could drive one to depression.

But even that in and of itself doesn’t drive someone to kill themselves. To reduce mental illness to the fact that others don’t agree with your thoughts, feelings, and actions is ignorant and immature.

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