An Interesting Video

I promise I won’t Rick Roll you this time.

The end of this video is spot on identical to me. Its nice to not worry about accidentally revealing that I’m gay, and I don’t worry, either, about “acting” gay, whatever that might mean. But I also don’t go around introducing myself, “hi, I’m gay.” In fact, I don’t really talk about it in personal circles, as there is no real need to, unless there is a need. There are probably people I am very close to these days that may or may not know, as they came into my life after the “coming out” moment. But that’s ok, I’m not worrying about hiding it from them, I just don’t have to wear it on my sleeve. If they want to know, that information is out there. But if you want to help them along, and you are my friend, you can post these posts to your Facebook since I don’t have Facebook anymore.

Yup, I hope you enjoyed the video.

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