The Great War

As Americans we probably each believe that we are each participating in a great modern culture war.

Gun Nuts vs. Peacemakers

Pro Life vs. Pro Abortion

Christians vs. Everyone Else

Marriage vs. Gay “Marriage”

Republicans vs. Democrats

Rich vs. Poor

White vs. Black vs. Hispanic vs. Asian

Men vs. Women

But the great war that we are all participating in, isn’t modern, and it isn’t cultural. It is older than time and it is a war between good and evil. It is a war that is not us vs. them. It is a war whose battle lines are not drawn between political parties, but are drawn straight down the center of every…single…human…heart. It is a me vs. me war.

Catholics listen up: this war we are fighting is NOT a culture war. We will never win the culture. We never have. There is no such thing as a perfect, holy culture. If we get too caught up in trying to win the culture we will lose the true battle. We have to stop thinking in terms of political advantage.

“If we control the Congress…”

“If we win the Presidency…”

“If we have a majority in the Supreme Court…”

Bob lob law bob lob law.

“If we can prevent gay “marriage” from becoming legalized.”

“If we can protect conscience rights.”

Seriously, the war is not political. The war is a spiritual war over souls. Preventing the wholesale legalization of gay “marriage” isn’t going to save souls. It won’t erase the saturation of messages embracing the homosexual lifestyle in our culture. Likewise, legalization of same-sex “marriage” won’t do much to inflate that message: that message is stronger than ever. It will definitely continue to increase persecution of Christians, but it isn’t going to probably change any minds of those chaste gays and lesbians into embracing the homosexual lifestyle.

This war is won by being examples of Christ, by knowing him personally and by knowing others personally. We invest in people, and individuals. I think any good missionary can tell you that. We win, not by converting the culture, but by bringing a single soul to repentance. If even one soul chooses to leave sin, heaven rejoices abundantly. And how is that soul going to choose repentance in his heart? By making sin illegal? Or by being Christ to them?

Remember what the war is really about and where the true battle field lies.

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