My San Diego Summer

So I realized last night that today will make 7 years since I left on the adventure of my life to San Diego. Since that time I have had a love/hate relationship with my experience in San Diego. More recently I’ve really embraced and appreciated San Diego Summer Project ’08. It was a summer of tremendous grace which taught me how to love Jesus and love others better. It taught me how to be a better Evangelical, but it is also teaching me how to be a better Catholic. You know, as I reflect every now and then on that experience, I continue to receive fruits from those ten weeks. God showed me things then that he is just now revealing to me, things that have been laid hidden, now bursting into my soul. I have EVERYTHING to thank for Summer Project for giving me. Without the faith I received in preparation, the experiences which served as a catalyst to seek truth, and the opportunity to live in community with Christians, I absolutely would have never found my way home.

I miss San Diego immensely, and the city and the people I met there will always have a piece of my heart.