Well My Morning Started Off Terrible

On my way to Confession this morning and I’m making a left turn. So I pull into the intersection (like I was taught) and waited for an opening in the oncoming traffic (like I was taught). The light turned red while I was in the intersection and so when the oncoming traffic stopped I turned (like I was taught and have just confirmed online, is my right and obligation to do) so that the cross traffic with green lights would not hit me. 

Well apparently one of the cars in the oncoming traffic wanted to turn right and my left turn out of the intersection impeded him. 

So after dropping off his kids he tracked my car down walked into the church and started screaming at me about how I ran a red light (false) and almost killed him and his kids (also false). He told me how bad he wanted to hurt me and that he was going to report me to the cops, etc, etc. And since he was about twice my size I wasn’t about to argue except explain why I thought I had been doing the right thing and apologize profusely (about 20-25 times). 

It did shake me up that he basically stalked me and had no qualms about causing a scene in a church over something that was blown way out of proportion. 

Ack. I knew this week would throw something at me like it’s older siblings did. 


2 thoughts on “Well My Morning Started Off Terrible

  1. People are crazy. Even if you were in the wrong, his reaction was completely out of proportion. Don’t let it get you down, bro. I suggest you pray for him and dismiss it from your mind (which you probably have by now anyway.)

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