Strange to Hear Her Name

This morning’s 6:45 Mass was offered for my mother. I knew it would be. I was the one who scheduled the Mass intention many months ago. But it was strange nonetheless to hear her name at Mass this morning. Maybe it’s because I really haven’t heard her name in a very long time. Maybe it’s because saying a name is kind of sacramental. It makes something invisible present to your senses. I say the word “pencil” and it seems real, even though all that occurred were vibrations in the air. The same with my mom’s name. She became real to me again, even if for a brief moment. It was tough, one of the tougher moments in recent weeks.

I hope that the infinite merits of the one, continuous Mass of Jesus Christ on Calvary has aided my mother in final purification, and if for good or for bad, she is not in a state of purification, I hope that the infinite merits of the Mass aided someone in their sanctification.