14 Days

In two very short weeks I will find myself in Chicago to spend the weekend discerning and interviewing for a job with FOCUS. I’m still a bit in shock to be honest. When I left college I never would have imagined such a thing. Even at the beginning of this school year FOCUS was not even on my radar as far as the possibility of being a missionary was concerned.

It wasn’t until late October when it hit me. I love college students (which is weird to me being a melancholic and an INTJ). And I love working with them. But they need something I can’t provide in the capacity of my current position. I realized this one rainy day as I was trudging across campus. And God simply whispered the word FOCUS. That was it.

I’m excited. And I’m afraid. But I’m trying to keep it in perspective, trying to humble myself before God. Whatever happens happens. If it is God’s will I shall get the job. If it is not, I won’t. And I’m okay either way. Because missionary or no, my vocation is the same: to love God with all my being.

I am simply asking for your prayers, not prayers that I get the position, but prayers that God gets his way in this matter.