Open Letter to Rhianna LaValla

A year ago today I did the ballsiest thing in my life.

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On November 19, a staff writer at the NDSU Spectrum published an article which wrongly accused the Catholic Church as teaching that members of the LGBT community are not humans. The article can be found here.

The article is an offensive misrepresentation of Catholic doctrine, and thus, I was asked to respond with a letter to the editor. The editor told me that my letter would be published today. It was not. And so I share the letter that was supposed to be published here for you.

Update (11/26/13): The editor of the Spectrum contacted me and apologized for the oversight and the letter will be published in the next issue of the paper.

I am writing this letter in response to Rhianna LaValla’s Atheist Perspective from November 19. As a Bison alum, a Catholic, and a gay man, I am deeply appalled that the Spectrum would publish an…

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