What’s Preventing You From Being Catholic?

This an opportunity for anyone and everyone to express what ONE thing is preventing them from coming into Communion with the Catholic Church.

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32 thoughts on “What’s Preventing You From Being Catholic?

  1. General to all religion:

    The lack of evidence for their supernatural claims.

    Specific to the Catholic Church:

    The systematic cover-up and protection of child abusing priests.

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    This is a question I offer to readers of Quidquid. If you aren’t Catholic, why not? If you converted to Catholicism, what kept you away.

    I feel that the writer of Deus Nobiscum and I have the same hope: to help spread the truth of the Faith, instead of foggy opinions and views.

    As Ven. Fulton Sheen said, “There are not one hundred people in the United States who hate The Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they wrongly perceive the Catholic Church to be.”

    So I extend Deus Nobiscum’s invitation to readers here as well. Check out his blog, comment on the post, and while your at it, send a question you may have this way.

  3. While raised in the Catholic church, and still occasionally attend Catholic mass (typically when the mass time fits better within my schedule for that day than the other church I otherwise go to), I typically attend a Lutheran or sometimes non-denominational Christian church over catholic churches. There have been so many times that I have left mass feeling like even if it was a great message, it was only seven minutes of the hour plus I was there. I guess I feel like the message is often overshadowed by all of the rituals.

    As someone trying to grow in my faith and take it beyond a surface level relationship with God (something I haven’t been very good at in the past), I greatly appreciate the different approach to worship in the other churches where the sermon is thirty to forty minutes instead of seven. In my experience catholic mass often feels like we are jumping through hoops because that is they it is supposed to be done. Whereas at other churches, the focus on the sermon. For me, this allows for a deeper message that I have found so helpful in understanding the word of God and being challenged to live more like Christ.

    I still identify as a catholic because I grew up in the church, but in all reality I attend catholic mass much less often than either the Lutheran or non-denominational Christian churches I frequent. I look at it as I would rather leave church thinking hard about how to be a better Christian than leave mass glad that I checked all of the things off the to- do list. I think it is just a difference in learning / worship styles. Thoughts?

  4. I’m an Australian Baptist. There are a few reasons that I’m not a Roman Catholic, but most of them could be rendered inconsequential if but one issue were dealt with: I am not persuaded by the necessity of apostolic succession, and thus do not believe that the Magisterium holds any more authority than any other group of believers. If I were persuaded of this, all the other issues I have would simply involve making myself subordinate to the Magisterium and bringing myself into conformity with the teaching of the Church.

      • Why me..?

        I would rather be burnt alive than become a roman catholic..

        Q:-Why don’t catholics become Christian ??
        A:- They have been blinded to the true Gospel, by satan.

          • Where do you all that propaganda from.?

            Christians came first,

            then catholicism 4 centuries later i.e the.pagan-whore of babylon-lampoon !!

          • So all those videos you posted before that distorted Catholic beliefs on relics or narrowly interpreted certain passages of revelation will ignoring swaths of Scripture were what?

          • I would / apply scripture as well, but it would confuse you babylonian usurping catholics too too much, so i give you pictures to look at..

          • Why are you here? It’s clearly not to convert me. If it were you would be more charitable and you would engage in reasonable dialog instead of childish insults. You would offer support for your claims, but you don’t. You would actually address the mountains of evidence that support Catholicism instead of just brushing it away as propaganda because it doesn’t fit with your world view. You clearly are not here for an intellectual conversation.

            You are here simply to fight. But God has a bigger plan for you than that. There is a reason you are drawn to catholicism even if it is to attack. It’s the same reason I was drawn here. You are being called to be Catholic just as I was called 6 years ago.

            I will continue to pray for you and offer you up to Jesus in every Mass.

            May Jesus, Mary, and Joseph be with you.

          • Have you ever read what Ireneaus wrote? Or Cyprian? Or Ignatius? Or Polycarp? Or Clement? Have you ever realized that there is no evidence of your brand of Christianity having ever existed for the first 1,000+ years after Christ’s Ascension?

          • That’s because they show you that the first Christians were Catholic and that would be a huge blow to all the propaganda you’ve been fed

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