Seven Years

Today I’ve been blogging more or less fairly consistently now for 7 years. I’ve learned a lot while blogging, perhaps more than I imagined others learned from me. And I like to think that my writing and my spirituality has evolved to reflect what I’ve learned, particularly in showcasing what is truly important in following Jesus.

I mostly just wanted to take this opportunity to thank every person who does or has followed me at some point. I want to thank every person who has ever read a post here and passed it on to someone else, even if it was in order to mock me in some way. I want to thank every person who has ever commented on here, even if it was to ridicule and harass me. Every event on here has had an effect on shaping my walk with God, and I have to be thankful for that because my relationship with God is the most precious thing to me, and you have affected the most precious thing and made it into the thing I love most, and so you are a part of it, and you, too, are then precious to me.

So here’s to seven more years!


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