Knock You Down Prayer

Enough of this wussy myeh myeh myeh crap prayer.

That’s what I’ve learned. That. Does. Not. Work. Being too unwilling to actually be knocked down in prayer when you pray is not going to sustain one in a moment of weakness. Perhaps the reason we fall too much is that we don’t want prayer to hurt. Anything more than a finger prick and we run away.

Prayer is like a deep and dark thicket. Peace and joy are deep inside, but you’ll never get there unless you ware willing to get scratched, unless you are willing to go through the rough and painful parts. Last night I decided to go beyond in my prayer. I did more than just a few seconds of whining and then turning around because I hadn’t received Christ’s peace before I even had a chance to fold my hands.

You have to stay there in prayer. You have to offer up the weakness to God over and over. It may just so happen that the moment you offer up the weakness, another weakness comes in from the sidelines. Keep lifting them up. It becomes painful. The mental anguish might be a little overwhelming, but offering it up continuously is necessary.

I can’t say for how long I prayed or how many times I simply said “Jesus take it.” But I can say that when it was finished, my heart felt a little bruised, but I had reached a place of refreshment. I can also say that this place of peace was not the final nor the deepest peace I was meant to find, but is just a stop along the way to the eternal refreshment that never ends.

Pray without ceasing.

1 Thessalonians 5:17



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