The Triumph of My Cross

I can’t even express how much I love the priests at the Cathedral. They have the greatest homilies. And I’m not talking about the kinds of homilies that one might find at a megachurch that are all hip and cool and edgy; I’m talking about the deep, yet simple, lead-you-to-holiness, real-life, jesus-loving kind of homily that springs forth from the ancient foundations of the Church.

Today being the Feast of the Exultation of the Cross, the homily was not about Jesus’ cross directly, but about the cross that each one of us receives from Jesus: the thing that we often wish would be removed from our lives. Msgr. reminded us that we aren’t supposed to really ask for our cross to be removed, but rather to embrace the cross and lift it high, the way that a hockey team might lift the Stanley Cup up high in victory. Our cross is a victory. Our cross enables us to move from death to life. Nobody arrives at Easter without first going through Good Friday. The cross that I bear can be a great source of shame, a great source of pain and agony, but it is only because I do not look hard enough at the cross. It is only because I do not fully embrace the cross. If I were to do those things, the cross would cease to be difficult, and would actually become the ultimate source of my joy and the font of God’s love for me! The cross is where we are to meet Jesus. There and the Eucharist.

What I have taken away from today and added to the small fragments of wisdom that I already possess is this:

1. I need to meet Jesus more often and more sincerely in the Eucharist. I have to start going to daily Mass more often as well as to Eucharistic Adoration.
2. I need to stop running from my cross and ignoring it, but inviting Jesus to meet me there, or rather, accepting Jesus’ invitation to meet him there.


One thought on “The Triumph of My Cross

  1. That sounds like a wonderful, faith-filled, joyful, life-giving, Christian homily. I wish I had been there. If JESUS IS LORD!!!!, He is LORD OF EVERYTHING!!!! He has power and dominion over all, over all evil, over our sin. He is LORD!!!!! Realizing this is a great relief and the knowledge that He loves us to the Cross, through our crosses and beyond into life is a great comfort & joy. Be comforted & joyful that JESUS IS LORD!!!! And believe, that He has power over His Cross and ours. His remaining on the Cross for our sakes, was His choice and His love. Our suffering on our crosses can bring comfort and joy to others who also have these crosses, for the Lord has given us the grace to understand and to love one another. And help each other to bear our crosses. Peace & blessings.

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