Keeping His Heart in Mine

The pedestal on which the tabernacle at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit sits is made of marble and has the Sacred Heart, surrounded by a crown of thorns, carved into the front. Whenever I pray there it becomes a simple reminder of the divine love. It carries a simple message: that for true peace and happiness, our hearts must rest in Jesus’ heart.

What that rest means, though, is that we must conform our hearts to his, we must love as he loves, and the image of the thorns encircling his heart reminds us what that love truly is: a love of sacrifice and suffering. We must embrace suffering and pain, not run from it. The image is also remarkable in that it shows us that we don’t embrace suffering alone. When our heart encounters thorns, Jesus’ heart already understands.

So my prayer, my intention, is to keep the image of his heart always in the eyes of my mind. To contemplate in my weakness, in my suffering, the suffering of his heart, and to find peace in Christ by conforming my life to his as I receive him.


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