Does It Work?

I’ve been thinking a little more about this question in regards to the Sacraments. At face value the Sacraments seem little more than  a symbol. If I have water poured over my head while some words are said, it just looks like I’ve gotten wet. There is no physical change, and my propensity towards sin has not changed. That is why the person who does not believe in Sacraments asks: does it work? It is an attempt to make me admit that because I have sinned since, because my homosexuality still exists, because it hurts just as much today, 1,901 days later as it did the day before, that it must not work, that I’ve placed my faith in a bunch of gibberish.

But the question only makes sense and will only come to the conclusion that they want me to come to if I believe that Sacraments are magic fairy potions that simply make all the bad go away.

But they aren’t. Sacraments don’t give you an easy button, they give you weapons. I can fill my house with all the weapons and traps I need to prevent myself from being robbed, but if when the robber comes I haven’t set the traps or don’t use the weapon, I’m going to be robbed. Or if I don’t even recognize who that the intruder is a robber, or I invite him in because I failed to look at the prominent pictures of him in the post office, of course my weapons won’t stop me from being robbed.

If I don’t use the gifts given in the Sacraments of course I am going to fall into sin, or if I even refuse to admit that something I am doing or want to do is sin, and thus refuse to repel it of course I’m going to fall into it. And I have. Many, many, many times in the last 1,901 days. But when I recognize the danger and I use the gifts that are at my disposal, I win. Every time. Its not by magic, but by cooperating with Jesus.

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