Guess What Month It Is

I am about to embark on a mammoth undertaking here at Deus Nobiscum. Today is June 1. Among many things, it would have been my mom’s 50th birthday today. But it is also the beginning of LGBT Pride Month.

What once started out as an end of June celebration of the Stonewall Riots, now exists as a month-long celebration of all things homosexual, bisexual, and gender confused. But it not only exists as a celebration, but now exists as an opportunity to re-program the sensibilities of society, to extinguish the old brand of intolerance with a new brand of intolerance, and to flaunt the lewdness of the “scene” in front of all.

But just as the activists have co-opted the Judeo-Christian symbol of the rainbow to advocate for something entirely antithetical to Judaism and Christianity, I have decided to co-opt Gay Pride Month to advocate for something entirely antithetical to the activist movement of the homosexual agenda.

Like I said, this is a mammoth undertaking simply because of the hold this sin has on our contemporary culture, and because a month is a long time to write many articles about a single topic. However, I think that this is an important topic to discuss and an important sin to combat in our time.

I have decided to leave the comments open (for now) on all of the articles I will post, however, there are rules to reading and discussing all of them, and the rules will be linked to in the preface of every post, and you can find them here.

Finally, here is a quick run-down of the subtopics throughout the month.
First week: The Bible and Homosexuality
Second week: The Culture and Homosexuality
Third week: The Cross of Homosexuality
Fourth and a half week: The Church’s Synthesis of Scripture, Tradition, and the Sacraments in Regards to Homosexuality or T.C.S.S.T.S.I.R.H for short.

Let the great experiment begin!

rainbow flag