Lose This Life

Back in my evangelical days I used to go to contemporary Christian concerts typically at LifeLight in Sioux Falls, SD. Groups and artists I’ve seen include Newsboys, Jars of Clay, Toby Mac, Sanctus Real, Superchick, Need To Breathe, Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns, Michael W. Smith, Leeland, Phil Joel, and many others. Of course I’m not trying to drop names, but can’t help but think back to the good memories I had on those road trips I would take from Fargo to Sioux Falls back in the day. Anyway, one year when I was there I saw Michael Tait perform. He used to be a member of DC Talk, then went solo for awhile. At LifeLight he performed with Toby Mac, also formerly of DC Talk and was pretty exciting for people who were big DC Talk fans. Long story short, during his concert he played his song Lose This Life, which normally is not my cup of tea, but for some reason I really liked and listened to every day for awhile after I got back. So on this Two-fer Tuesday, this song is your second dose.

P.S. Michael Tait is currently a member of the Newsboys, having replaced frontman Peter Furler awhile ago. Nothing against him, but I don’t listen to new Newsboys music without Peter Furler. Just wanted to throw that out there.