What Would Jesus Do?

Sometimes you have those situations where you really have to stop to ask “what would Jesus do?” Over the last two days, friends of mine have brought to my attention that a certain event could be impending, an event that I have experienced twice before, an event where I should have asked “what would Jesus do?” before. But now it is very likely here at my doorstep, perhaps its already there, but nobody knows it yet. So I took it to Jesus before Mass in some Eucharistic Adoration, and even though, it is already quite late, I might take it back to him again before going to bed. I asked him, “what would you do?”

Flip tables.

3224823-2050962630-jesusI’ve come to realize after making a Confession tonight that if I am ever going to get my house in order I’ve got to flip tables. I have to drive out what causes me to stumble with whips. I’ve got to rid myself of every distraction. The vocation of every Christian is to care for his or her soul, a gift from God which will be returned to him on the day of Judgment. Everything, even those things which are not intrinsically evil, even things which are very good, that distracts the Christian from his  or her vocation must be driven out of his or her soul. Those things could be habits, material objects, foods, tv shows, or even friendships or relationships. Whatever these things are, the Christians has a duty before God to cooperate with God in the process of sanctification and in doing so, must purge these things from the soul. It is better to do it now than to wait for God to finish the job in Purgatory.

I have a number of things which I need to remove and some are going to be much more painful for me to do than others. Please pray for me.


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