Gutsy. Brave. Ballsy. Courageous. Bold. Impressive.

These are just a few of the words that some of my friends have heaped upon me during the last week. But I am none of these things. I only did what I did because I was asked to do so by a man who I realize now that I trust probably more than any other person I know. I did not write that letter out of courage or bravery or ballsiness. I wrote it out service to the Church. I wrote it out of love in order to defend my beloved. I did it because for once in my life I wanted to do the right thing in the right moment.

I did it because Jesus loves me and because the Church loves me. I guess I don’t know what else to say about what I did except that I deserve none of the accolades which I have received.


One thought on “Accolades

  1. You say you did it out of love. That’s a fine motivator, and one many of us respect and admire you for even more. Though I understand your sentiments, those of us who love the Church and its people and teachings cannot help but extend our feelings of gratitude and admiration. Personally, I am indebted because I felt unable to respond publicly, despite having been involved in the earlier part of the discussion. There was simply nowhere for me to go except silent in the face of misunderstanding. So I thank the Holy Spirit for prompting you to pick up where I was forced to leave off. Stepping out in faith always requires courage, so again, thank you.

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