Busy With the Lord’s Affairs

The reading from Evening Prayer II of the Common of Virgins is 1 Corinthians 7:32b, 34 and it says this:

The unmarried man is busy with the Lord’s affairs, concerned with pleasing the Lord. The virgin—indeed, any unmarried woman—is concerned with the things of the Lord, in pursuit of holiness in body and spirit.

My prayer, both contemplative and liturgical continues to reflect on and be filled with meditation on the beauty of celibacy and I am led deep into the truth that celibacy is good. That celibacy is a gift from God to certain souls in order to draw them nearer to him. Of course, all gifts are meant to draw the soul closer to God, each in its own way. But celibacy is special for it draws us to the Lord’s affairs. It draws us straight into doing the work of the Lord, to loving and ministering to the whole world, to loving as the Lord loves. It transforms us into co-everything with Christ. We are co-mercy-givers, co-redeemers, co-mediators, co-heirs, and co-cross-bearers. We become sons and daughters of the Father, brothers and sisters of Jesus. We follow in his steps and take on a new nature and become Jesus to others, to all others.

Yes, all true vocations make us into these things, but in celibacy, we become these things more totally because we have no familiar duties, but only to do the affairs of the Lord. And so we should praise and thank God for our celibate priests and religious who minster to souls by their gift of celibacy. And priests and religious should thank and praise God for our married couples who share in the very creative aspect of God, and reflect the divine love of the Holy Trinity to the community.

I am overcome with the awesomeness of God’s gifts.


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  1. Reading through Cantalamessa’s Viginity booklet also provided an insight: celibacy shows forth the beauty of the married life, which in turn shows the beauty of consecrated virginity.

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