We Should Go to Daily Mass

As I sit here waiting for Confession in a parish I haven’t been to in years, but frequented during my college days I wonder what has happened to my life. It’s not that my life is “bad” or that I’m an alcoholic or have burned all my bridges or something like that. In fact by western standards I’m doing well: single, able to pay my bills, eat, spend money on entertainment, and socialize when I want. But when it comes to my relationship with God I am tempted to think and speak about it in the past tense.

And I wonder how I got here. The answer is actually quite simple. Daily. Mass. The reality of the matter is this: Mass is the most important thing on the face of the earth. In the Mass, man and God come face to face. It is not just a ritual. It is not just a worship service. It is not just another thing we do as a loving act of God. It IS God becoming completely present to us. Body, Soul and Divinity. Everything that God is becomes present in the Eucharist: truth, love, mercy, justice, wrath, etc.

And for the vast majority of American Catholics there is no good reason not to attend Mass every single day. There is no good reason one can’t attend 6:45 am Mass or drive 20 miles to the nearest church. We may not be canonically obligated to, but we should attend Mass every day.


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    I’ve always admired those who set aside their other duties to go to Mass on a daily basis. Oddly, since I am not legally Catholic yet, I find God the most when I am in Mass and experience the Divine mystery of faith there. I love the atmosphere a Mass gives – and those reasons are enough on their own to want to partake in it daily.

    What about you? Is it enough to experience a service of faith once a week if such practise is reinforced by solitude and thought, or is daily Mass/service/gathering of theists an idea more people with a religion should consider?

  2. My experience: Christ said “Do this in memory of me” at an *annual* seder service. Yet, He did not specify how often we ought to do this in His memory. He leaves the frequency up to His followers. There are Church regulations for minimal observance of the mandate; but beyond these, each person acts when moved by grace and the Holy Spirit, and as he deems best according to his needs and station in life. Accordingly, what works for a religious may not work for a mother of five, yet both are faithfully living the vocation to which God has called them. God bless!

    • I agree. There are minimal requirements (Sundays and Holy Days) of which Communion is only required to be taken once during the Easter season. However, Mass is the most important thing on earth. And so unless for some reason we are prevented such as a mother with many children to care for, or there simply are no Masses offered at reasonable times on weekdays in which we can fulfill the duties of life we shoul go to Mass. I’m not saying that we must but that we should. So many amazing graces flow from the Mass that if we have the opportunity to go we should, for the benefit of our souls. For example: I work at 8am weekdays and can’t make it to the numerous 8am Masses in town. But there is a 6:45am Mass. Even though I don’t want to get up so early, I do because I have no good reason not to and it benefits my soul.

      I in no way though am saying that there is some requirement that we must or that those who don’t aren’t being good Catholics, only that for many, the excuses we use not to go to such a wonderfully beneficial event really are no excuse at all.

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