My First Rosary


December 18, 2008

Today I prayed the Rosary for the first time. It was really weird for me. I’ve never prayed to anyone except God and it was just strange. And while you are praying you are supposed to think about the Mysteries in which every cycle you are on, but it was hard for me to do it while trying to pray the “Hail Mary”. But I am going to commit to it for at least all of Christmas vacation. It is pretty sweet to have Mary praying for me. I literally asked her 53 times to pray for me today and at the hour of my death.

There are also specific prayers to pray in the morning, at noon, in the evening, and at night.

I’m not sure what prayers I was talking about at the end there, but I had completely forgotten that I documented my first Rosary. I do remember praying it on my fingers because at that time I still didn’t have any beads. I am having a great time reading my journals from the time I was considering converting. I feel like I’m watching a little boy. Reading about my Rosary, I don’t picture a college guy, but a kid like this:

stock-footage-little-boy-painting-vintage-mm-amateur-filmAnyway, I always imagined that my decision to become Catholic was made on Christmas day, but as I read everything I wrote, I can see that back before Thanksgiving I was using terms like “when I become Catholic” and “what daily life as a Catholic will be like”.

My faith feels very refreshed right now reading through my journals. Like I said before, they go waaaay deeper than my blog posts at the same time and are way more insightful to me. I haven’t read through them since my conversion so it is awesome to remind myself what actually persuaded me.