St. Paul Novena


Join me tomorrow in beginning a novena to St. Paul that will end on the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, my feast day. I’m really excited for this feast, and here is why:

First of all, like all Protestants I fell in love with Paul pretty much the first moment I fell in love with Christ. As the major contributor to the New Testament writings, Paul, was for all intents and purposes my main teacher. I cannot tell you how many times I read the letter to the Romans. The one time that I got to “preach” when I was in San Diego, I preached from St. Paul. It was right before we were going to go out and evangelize on the beach. I reminded our group of St. Paul’s words, to preach the good news but to shake the dust off when we were rejected and move on, that all we could do was speak truth and then let the Holy Spirit work in their heart after that.

Second, from the first moment that I became aware of my own conversion in my heart towards the Catholic faith, I immediately connected it with Paul’s persecution of Christians and sudden realization that he was wrong. Paul persecuted Catholics, I persecuted Catholics. Paul became Catholic. I became Catholic. Because of this, I chose St. Paul as my patron Saint, and is why this is for me the most important celebration of the year after the Easter Vigil.

Third, since the feast falls on Friday next week, I get to celebrate it in the Extraordinary Form! I love the Latin Mass and I love Paul and so it is going to be an awesome day. The only thing that would add any more awesomeness is if my friends who read this blog were to buy me gifts….

Come back tomorrow for the first day of the novena!