Catholicism and Censorship?

I’m not sure where to stand on censorship. Where do we draw the lines in what should actually be banned? Obviously we find things like pornography morally repugnant, but do we call for it to be censored, banned from the public? We also find the the teachings of Islam and other religions to be blasphemous/heretical? Do we treat them similarly to pornography? What are the thoughts of other Catholics?


2 thoughts on “Catholicism and Censorship?

  1. I do not favor the idea of censorship. I favor the use of our free will to choose to avoid things that are against Church teaching.

    • What about things that are out of the control of our will, such as vulgar billboards? We don’t have many up here in the Upper Midwest, but I remember driving through Georgia and was astounded at the number of billboards advertising strippers and the like.

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