Stations Friday

Next week, Thursday, we will celebrate the great Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. It is only fitting that it falls during the time when we are contemplating on this blog the mystery of Jesus meeting Mary on the way to Calvary. In fact, the whole season of Advent is permeated by Mary in that through her we awaited his first coming. It was to her that the wise men went in order to find Jesus. It was to her that Elizabeth uttered her blessings for being the Mother of the Lord. And it was she whom Jesus met as he carried his Cross. Whether she spoke any words to him is unknown, but the eyes, the face, the touch, the presence of his Mother spurred Jesus on, gave him courage to carry his Cross to redeem us and to fulfill the act that Mary’s very life and substance has depended on since her very conception.

We too will often meet Mary as we carry our Crosses. As we listen to her words, as we bask in her motherliness, as we gaze upon the mysteries of her life which flow directly from the merciful heart of Christ, we are strengthened and encouraged. Let us delight in Mary for the Lord is with her and blessed is she among all women.