Day of Days

Today I got a package in the mail from Germany. I have to say that Germans are a little weird. Not only does their language sound like they are angry people ready to hock a loogie, but they put all kinds of weird stickers on their mail. My box had a sunflower, a mushroom, a faun and an acorn on the outside of the box. And the acorn’s position with the faun made it look more like a turd at first. Darn Germans and their weirdness.

My car still isn’t fixed either. In fact they still haven’t given me a price to fix, nor have they told me what is even wrong with the thing. Today is my fifth day without a car. I get that there are people who don’t have cars, but in a smaller town like Bismarck, public transportation is pretty poor. Plus I need my car for my job so that I can buy things for programming and activities. So if you are ever stranded in Bismarck, never send your car to Northland Performance, they will dilly dally for days.

But with my package from Germany now safely in my hands, my Christmas shopping is nearly done, and everything I bought I bought online, no crowds or testy cashiers, just the sweet electric hum of my laptop. Warms my soul it does.


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