Stations Friday

Jesus falling.

It’s an image that always strikes me when I’m watching The Passion of the Christ. Why does he fall? Because of my sins. He bears the burden of all my iniquities, of all my indignation against God. Every doubt I’ve ever had. Every time I have said “me first”. Every gripe I have uttered at God’s unfairness. Every person I’ve lusted after, every lie I’ve told, every thing I’ve stolen, every time I’ve made my brother and sister cry, every time I’ve slacked off on the job. ALL of these things bear down on Jesus. These things are much weightier than the cross he carries on his back. Even my body feels weaker by my conscience than it does from exhausting physical labor. Jesus is the same.

My sins have caused his bloody, aching, raw body into the rocky, dusty, gravelly, scorching ground as the splintery wood of the cross crushes him.

Consider today the punishment you deserve. Consider today how Jesus has taken it upon himself.