October at DN

I want to again thank all my visitors. October was awesome! We set a ton of records here. At the beginning of the month we set an all-time record of 127 views in a single day. I was blown away! But then, last week we beat that record three more times and came out with 358 views in one day as a new record and over 200 views as a second place record! I’m stunned and humbled. My writing isn’t that great, yet people are coming by anyways. We not only set new daily records, but over 2,500 visitors stopped by last month! That’s almost 750 more than our previous record! Not only that, but on the last day of the month, we topped 40,000 total site visitors since September 2008 when we moved to the new host at wordpress.

I just want to thank you all and ask you to keep sharing the faith of Jesus Christ with those around you!