We can’t have a country where we separate what we believe from what we do. There is, in reality, no separation. There’s no Hell for your work personality while your personal soul goes to Heaven. It doesn’t work that way.

Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Report


2 thoughts on “Separating

  1. One must understand the difference betwixt ideas beliefs
    truely knowing god / through practical spiritual experience.

    In understanding the differerence ) betwixt beliefs / ideas
    where knowing the almighty then one need then proceed
    in going beyond understanding / unto the ultimate where
    knowing god in /an clarity of practical spiritual experience.

    In present time religions being a money making business
    yearly turnovers for the main contenders as the example
    of christianity ( with its many branches) of many $millions.

    Christianity based on a fictional heaven that one enters
    after the physical body dies. A heaven that somewhere
    beyond the clouds. One follows // the Yellow Brick Road.

    One need qualify in the entering such a fictional heaven.
    How Is Such Done ?. One needs have their SIN removed.

    SIN an sexual act. Unfortunatly SEX is needed in allowing
    ones birth / thus all being SINNERS born off/ born in SIN.

    However according to christian teaching their leader being
    not born of SIN it being claimed he being born of a VIRGIN
    thus free of SIN where abled in removing the SIN of others
    free of SIN / ones entry into a fictional heaven guarenteed.

    The reality christianity but one of the biggest frauds in the
    history of humanity / ranking with the nonsense that IRAQ
    in having weapons of mass destruction // thus freely allow
    western nations their excuse to abandon international law
    as proceed in a invasion of the middle east / in gaining an
    control of its vast oil reserves // amidst growing opposition
    to western powers. Many nations in wishing their freedom
    from western powers. Abled in having a true govt / not in
    a continuation of puppet govts set up by western powers.

    Humanity goes through troubled times where the peoples
    of western nations ever strive to be free from govt media
    brainwashing / a brainwashing that divides nations // that
    brings conflict where millions are killed being slaughtered
    thus the desire the wish ever grows // that true govt being
    restored // in ending / wrongful unjust killings / destruction
    such to suceed /the western media brainwashing machine
    needs end // where a return to true media reporting where
    a human compassion uniting nations / not dividing nations
    thus allowing needed brain development so many western
    nations have longed / in which they having been deprived.

  2. I applaud your use of the word “betwixt.” It leads me to believe that you, Sir William Wallace, speak with a British accent. While British accents tend to have the effect of making one sound intellectual, they can also make one sound like a blubbering idiot. Unfortunately for you Sir Wallace, the latter was true.

    I will give you that the Christianity you paint here is quite fictitious. However, it is not the Christianity that you paint here that exists in the real world. The real Christianity is something you clearly do not understand. Take for instance your less than rudimentary understanding of SIN. Your entire attack against Christianity is founded on the principle that Christianity teaches that sex is sin. However, this is a false premise. God created sex. He created it for man and woman. He created it good and he commanded man and woman to unite together in the sexual union to be fruitful and fill the earth. There is nothing sinful about sex itself. In fact, sex is, as Christianity teaches, the fullest image of God in the created world, that is, sex reflects the reality of the Holy Trinity. Seeing as sex is not sin, the whole rest of your gibberish can be disregarded as pure buffoonery.

    I would like to take a moment to note, too, that to claim that heaven is fictitious requires a lot more faith and knowledge than to claim that it is real. To be sure that there is no heaven, one must have searched all the corners of the created world to be sure that it does not exist. This is not so in order to claim that it does. I have been promised heaven. I have tasted heaven in the Holy Mass. I have longed for it in my heart long before I had heard of it. I know, I know, I have never BEEN THERE. Even still, once I am there I will not have had to search the very corners of the universe to prove it is there, but you will have to to prove it is not.

    It was very nice talking to you Sir William Wallace.

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