My Mind Wanders in the Psalter

When I pray the Divine Office, I find that mind often wanders during the psalms. And while it is wondering, it is not romping through the mysteries of divine life, but rather, zig-zags through the streets of the world.

The psalms are given to us in the Divine Office to guide our heart into right order with God. They channel our thoughts and our prayers down a specific avenue of meditation. However, my mind strays and I do not hear the words or contemplate them as I pray them. I black out in a sense.

So I have begun to repeat the antiphon after each strophe. Some of you may already do that as it is optional within the offices. I find, though, that it is good for me because after each strophe I am reminded exactly of what it is that Holy Mother Church wants me to understand from a particular psalm. It adds a certain dynamic rhythm to my prayers, a small cycle withing the cycle of the psalms and hours.

I just wanted to share that this small little repetition in each psalm has really helped me to regain focus and control my mind as I pray the Divine Office each day.


One thought on “My Mind Wanders in the Psalter

  1. Thanks for the tip. I am so glad I am not the only one with a “wondering mind.” You would not believe where my mind goes sometimes, especially in Mass sometimes. Do you think this makes me “purgatory bound?:>”

    I think there are those of us with great and wonderful “attention skills” (so to speak) like the Saints.
    Then there are the “wondering minds.” It takes us both I guess. Good post. SR

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