Rosary Shopping

I’ve been rosary shopping for my sister these last few weeks. I once made her a promise that if she ever became Catholic I would buy her a nice rosary. Well, now it looks like I will have to make good on that promise…which I am more than delighted to do. But rosary shopping is tough. In the first place I know that my tastes and her tastes are different. There are rosaries that I know that I would like to have that she would most definitely not want to have. In the second place, so many rosaries are so commonplace. I want to find a rosary that really fits who my sister is. To me, its all in the crucifix and the centerpiece. I want to find a truly beautiful crucifix, not one where you can barely tell that the blob on the cross is not a manufacturing mistake, but is actually a man. I also don’t want an ugly centerpiece. I want the beads to be nice too. I want it to be beautiful for her, but not so beautiful that you it falls apart when you touch it and she’s crawling under pews to collect beads like some of the old ladies at cathedral. I want it to be tough and sturdy so she can carry it in her purse and pray it whenever she wants.

I’m glad I’ve still got almost six months before I need  it because it will probably take me as long to find the one for her.


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  1. Hi.

    I was shopping for my third set of rosary beads about a year ago. I am hard on mine because I carry it each day until I pray the Rosary. I found the ‘standard’ rosaries to be fragile for this amount of daily use.

    Enter – Unbreakable (wire-wrapped) rosaries!

    I bought one from a woman in Florida –

    It’s been a great rosary! The wire wrapping makes them longer than standard ones.

    I have no affiliation with the maker – just wanted to share with you one idea for your sister.

    God bless!

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