Like OMG!

This is like TOTALLY lame!

I am hurtin’ here, wondering what I got myself into with this job. Were we that dramatic at NDSU? So I totally had one of the members of my staff abuse some of their privileges in order to prank a resident. At first glance it might not seem like a big deal, but it was a serious breach of authority. Their resident was upset and uncomfortable and came to me. I then confronted my staff member and told them that they shouldn’t have done what they did. They told me that they didn’t think and that it wouldn’t happen again.

Fast forward a couple of hours. After our staff meeting a few minutes ago, another one of my staff members approaches me after the meeting and asks if they can show me something in my office. Its the other staff member’s facebook page, which has a status about watching your back because it was just a prank, and there was something about knives in it. Now the resident feels very threatened. Now…now, I have to deal with this drama. I don’t do drama (laugh it up Tim, I know you’re laughing right now). Now the first thing I need to do tomorrow is go to MY boss and tell her that yes, this incident really did happen and how it has now escalated to a whole new level. I thought that maybe we would have to put this staff member on a probation of sorts for his misconduct, but now I don’t see how in the world we could even keep him on staff if he is intimidating residents for coming forward to make a complaint about his misconduct.


Jesus, give me the strength and the grace to deal with this immature crap. Amen.