Is This What Hearts Were Made For?

As I begin to strive to imitate Mary, I am already being extra exposed to the vulnerability of my heart, to the pain that others and myself are able to inflict upon it. It at times seems unbearable and I wonder if I ever will “get over” them. I wonder why I should have to feel heartache?

I know though that the heart that does not suffer cannot experience God very deeply if at all. Mary’s heart was pierced, as was Christ’s, therefore mine must be too. Intellectually I know that this pain I have will eventually heal, it will, if I respond properly, lead me deeper into union with Jesus. It will increase my capability to love. On a more instinctual level, though, I do not trust that this is true. I see no future where my heart isn’t broken up over this. I guess its a good thing Jesus came to pour his grace in men then, huh?

Mary, Mother of all Christians, help me to imitate you in allowing my heart to be pierced in order for me to grow in magnitudes of love. Amen