I’ve never really liked mosaics, especially this one,  however as I continue to pray my Rosary a couple of times each week before this image of the Blessed Mother, I am coming to really love this image. I’m not sure what it is, maybe the stateliness of the Virgin? Perhaps its the exhaustion you see in her eyes as she contemplates the sorrows of being the Mother of God, of having a sword pierce her own heart (Luke 2:35). Maybe its that despite being the Glorious Queen, she is still exquisitely simple, setting an example for all believers who will all one day rule with her and Christ. Or maybe its the motherliness of it all, the way she holds her infant, Jesus, who is even at this point, King, as we can see, who has dominion over all the earth. It reminds me that she is my mother too (John 19:27).

I think that what I am realizing, though, what is finally taking hold of me is a true fondness of Mary. Perhaps of all things, this has been the has been the most difficult block to overcome, allowing myself to get close to Mary and allowing Mary to get close to me. Now, however, I know that that is changing. She has been looking out for me, and has been looking out for my family, and all the Rosaries I have said for their conversion are beginning to pay off. Mary is a faithful servant of Christ and is a better harvester than all the missionaries of the Church combined. I really am beginning to love Mary as every good Christian is called to do.