Always A Choice

Sometimes we might think or feel like we have no choices, that our destiny in any moment is already decided. We might believe that when temptation comes our fate is decided, that the universe has already decided that we will sin, that we will deny our God. Temptation can feel so overwhelming, and we feel like no matter how much we prayed, we would still cave, give in to the enemy. We begin to believe there is no freedom of the will.

But this simply is not the case. We always have the choice. We have always had the choice. Adam and Eve could have chosen to be obedient. It didn’t have to end the way that it did. Cain could have chosen to love his brother. It didn’t have to end that way. David could have chosen not to have an affair with Bathsheba. It didn’t have to result in Uriah’s death.

When we let fear take control of our hearts, we believe that we have no choice but to sin. We believe that temptation is actually a death sentence. We give temptation more strength than it actually has. We resign ourselves to Satan’s hands.

We feel like an abortion is inevitable.

We feel like looking at pornography is inevitable.

We feel like spreading a slanderous lie is inevitable.

We feel like taking someone’s life is inevitable.

We feel like denying the Faith is inevitable.

We feel like failure is inevitable.

We suffocate under the weight of inevitability. We feel like a strong temptation is a point of no return. This is not true. We can resist. Until a sin is committed there is always the choice to not commit that sin. We may have to make that choice a hundred times in the course of a minute, but there is always the choice. Jesus will help us. Call on him. Mary, St. Joseph, St. Michael, your own Guardian Angel will help you, will pray for you. Call upon them.

Jesus made a choice too. He chose to die for you. He could have believed the lie that it would be too tough, and given in, and left us to rot. But he didn’t. He chose you. Now choose him.