Why Ask a Saint When Jesus is Right There?

It’s a common question, and I suppose I will hear until the day I die. So why ask a Saint anything? Why pray to them? Why ask for their help and assistance? Aren’t they dead? Isn’t it impossible for them to do anything, to even hear us? Aren’t they too busy worshiping God to help us piddly old creations? How do we even know that the Saints are in heaven now and aren’t in a dormancy until the last judgment? Isn’t Jesus the sole mediator of the covenant, precluding any need for Saints or anyone else to pray for us?

The first statement I’ll make is this: the creatures who are in heaven, very much so, handle the prayers of the holy ones on earth, presenting them before the throne of God.

The four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb. Each of the elders held a harp and gold bowls filled with incense, which are the prayers of the holy ones.

Revelation 5:8

There are at least twenty-eight creatures in heaven that are presenting your prayers, with or without your permission to God. The Church teaches, and has always taught, that this privilege is extended to all the Saints who are in heaven.

But why? What good is a Saint’s prayer? What difference is the effectiveness of my prayers, why can’t I ask God myself? Well, you should be asking God yourself. You should be praying about your needs, presenting them to Jesus. But let us not fool ourselves into thinking that all prayers are of equal value, that all our intentions are pure and good, that God sees all things equally. Scripture teaches that those who are holy and righteous have extremely effective prayers:

The fervent prayer of a righteous person is very powerful.

James 5:16b

Now, we must ask ourselves, “who is most righteous?” Is it I, a sinner on earth, still working out my salvation, still stumbling through sanctification, or is it those who have completed the race, have been purged of all iniquity and shortcomings and who gaze on the face of God eternally, with the beatific vision of Christ? I think I’d venture a guess that it is those who have completed the race and have accomplished their sanctification. The great thing, is that seeing perfectly, their prayers are perfect. Their Wills are one hundred percent in line with the Will of God. They will not ask for something that God will not grant. They will take our prayers and perfect them in their holiness. God cannot refuse their prayers!

But how do we know that we are in heaven the moment we die? What if there is a waiting period, what if we do not enter heaven until after the resurrection of the body?

He [Jesus] replied to him, “Amen, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.”

St. Luke 23:43

Jesus tells the repentant thief that today, this very day, he will be in paradise. He doesn’t tell him that at the end of the ages, he will be, but now, when he dies, this man has obtained eternity with God. His dead body will still be on earth, but his spirit will be praising God in heaven, someday to be rejoined with his glorious resurrected body. Once our sanctification is complete, we enter heaven, whether our body is resurrected yet or not.

But why do the saints even care about us? Why would they bother to care for us at all? It’s simple really. Are we not commanded to love as God loves? Is not our goal in life to become more and more Christ like? What is God’s favorite part of creation. Man. You. Me. All of us. Saved and unsaved. What is God’s Will? That no man perish (Ezekiel 18:32). If the Saint’s wills are perfectly in tune with God’s, that means that they love you, care about your needs as God does. They desire what God desires for you, and will pray for those things.You couldn’t ask for better intercessors anywhere in this world.

And so, we should be asking Jesus and the other members of our Christian-Catholic family, both in heaven and on earth to be praying for us.

All ye angels and saints, holy men and women of God, pray for us!


6 thoughts on “Why Ask a Saint When Jesus is Right There?

  1. In the prayers to anyone but the Father in the name of Jesus, you short the Glory of God. There is salvation and help in no other name but Jesus. Do as you will. But you pass on the tradition of men as though it were the very word of God. In the limited mind of he who created this saint worship, God is too busy and limited to care for His people. This is by no means so.

    The power of salvation and our obedience and worship belongs to Jesus, the Christ of God, exclusively.

    By His Grace.

    • False. All of it.

      First, you assume that prayers to saints are not done in the name of Jesus. This is just ridiculous. I hardly know a Catholic who doesn’t begin and end every prayer in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We do not deny that there is no salvation in any other name but Jesus. We do not deny, that all help, all virtue, aid, and assistance originates in Jesus Christ. But we do deny that it can’t flow through other sacred vessels to reach us. Are our bodies NOT the temple of the Holy Spirit? Does this end with death? No, it does not. So the Spirit of God dwells perfectly in the saints who are perfectly washed in the blood of Christ, why in the world could they not help us? Hmmm? Why? That’s what I thought.

      This “tradition of men” as you call it is not really, but is rooted in Scripture and confirmed by the fathers of Christianity. In fact it is more firmly rooted in Scripture and history than your dearly beloved sola scriptura! This is not saint worship. We do not believe the saints have anything to offer us besides Jesus Christ. It certainly doesn’t imply that God is too busy or limited to care for his people, but if you want to go that route, do it, and this is what you get:

      1. No more asking the living to pray for you. NONE. It expresses that you don’t believe God will hear you prayers, so you must make a raucous noise to be heard.
      2. No more prayer in general. PERIOD. Prayer is a weakness because you believe that God doesn’t know or care what you need or desire.
      3. No more missions. Missions show that God doesn’t have the ability to share his Son with foreign lands, that he is too busy to go there himself and save these people.

      You see how silly that is?! We ARE the hands, the feet of Christ. We are his lips, his arms, his voice. Let us take up our place in the history of salvation. Let us be all that we are made to be. Let those who have gone on before you help you in the name of Jesus, the Lord they love, and the Lord you love. Don’t reject your brother and sister out of a jealous love for God. You don’t have to ask the saints for anything, that’s your choice. But stop perpetuating the lie that we can’t, that it is a sin, that it takes glory from God.

  2. And, not that you care about my “opinion” (as though what I replied were just opinion). But wasn’t Saul’s contact with Samuel cursed by God for the very same reason you entreat others to do the same?

    • The two are completely different. Saul used witchcraft to conjure up Samuel’s spirit. This is completely different from praying. There are no magic spells, no mediums involved. There is nothing more, really, to say about this except you are comparing apples to oranges.

  3. The blood of many of these people, your traditions label “saints” lay on the hands of those who hold these traditions. You killed them and sent them to God. Then, if that were not enough, you gave them a so called precious title. Those who uphold these traditions will share the guilt of those who burnt them at the stake (and more).

    For the sake of title and cash flow you impede the salvation of men. So it was. So it will remain.

    It is my prayer before the Father in heaven that these things you hold so dear be taken down. You stand against the very blood of this Jesus you now insult.

    By His Grace.

    • How is the death of Peter and Paul the fault of Catholics? How is the death of the martyrs the fault of the Church? It wasn’t we who killed them, who crucified, beheaded, burned, tortured, or drowned our own people. You lay no evidence for this foolishness, simply your own limited opinion on the matter. You ignore the very Scripture this Tradition (with a capital T, not a little t, like you’d suppose this is) is rooted in.

      There is nothing about the communion of saints that impedes salvation. There is nothing about admitting that we are part of a family that impedes salvation.

      Fortunately, your prayer to the Father that honoring those who honored Christ be eliminated will never be answered the way you hope because it does not take glory from God, but upholds the transforming power and blessings that faith in Jesus Christ brings. This is no insult to the Blood of Christ.

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