What is the Resurrection?

A. a wish fulfillment fantasy that early Christians gradually incorporated into the story of a gentle rabbi they loved and missed.

B. the reality of the Christian faith, without which absolutely none of Christianity makes sense, founded on the fact that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead in a glorified body on the third day and seen by many witnesses until his glorious ascension. Virtually all these witnesses went to violent deaths after lives of extreme hardship, bearing witness to the Resurrection.

C. a hallucination experienced by more than 500 people at once, on multiple occasions, involving hearing, sight, taste and touch.

D. a blunder due to the fact that Jesus merely swooned on the cross, then woke up three days later in a freezing tomb dressed in winding bandages welded to his skin by his countless scourging wounds. Then he stumbled over to a multi-ton rock on his wounded feet, shoved it aside with his wounded hands and, gasping in agony from the wound to his heart, overpowered the sleeping guard and staggered through Jerusalem unnoticed till he banged on the door of the apostles and, bleeding from almost every pore and in desperate need of immediate medical attention, convinced them he was the Conqueror of Death.

From Our Sunday Visitor.