We Are Never Alone

Sometimes its really hard for us to fight the feeling that we are alone. It can be so easy to despair, to feel that nobody could possibly understand the things that we struggle with. We don’t think that anyone would feel compassion for us, or be able to comprehend the great struggle in our souls. And so we walk alone. We keep it in. Even worse, we feel distant from God at the same time. We know that our failures against our struggles separate us from him, injure our relationship. And even though there is forgiveness, it feels like sometimes there is no hope for us. We feel like there is no way out, that we will always struggle and always fail and that we will always displease our God and King. The feelings of loneliness only increase in our hearts. We begin to fear opening up to others, to being honest with people about what is going on in our hearts. We believe that the anticipated pain of rejection just isn’t worth it. We push away even when others want to pull us in. We feel that there is no option but loneliness and failure.

But it is important to remember that we do not walk alone. We are one body. We walk together. The struggle of one is the struggle of all. No brother or sister will be denied assistance, prayers, or fellowship because of the struggles they bear, the crosses they carry. Most importantly we have a God who has walked the path to Calvary, a path we walk everyday. He walked that path, and surely felt alone at times. He knows what we feel like. He never gives up on us. We also have a great Mother and Advocate who walked that path, that Way with Jesus. A sword pierced her own heart. She, too, walks along with all people who have a particularly difficult crosses to bear. She walks with all of Christ’s brothers and sisters.

So, when we feel distant and alone, we need to turn to Jesus and Mary. There is no need to walk alone. Just as importantly, we should turn to those brothers and sisters in Christ who truly love us. We should bear our hearts and souls to them so that they can walk along with us. No matter what the struggle is, let us be honest, and ask for help and prayers. Do not walk alone, because the reality is we are never alone.