Giving Them to Mary

Yesterday something truly miraculous happened: my brother and sister went to Eucharistic Adoration with me. I was a little surprised the whole time I was driving over to Epiphany. My brother who is so sure that his infallible interpretation of Scripture proves that Christ isn’t in the Eucharist, and my sister who avoids anything controversial, were sitting in a car going to pray with me before Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. Even now, I can hardly believe that it happened.

Now, while I was praying there, I started praying for them. While I was praying, I realized that my motives weren’t pure. I didn’t want them to understand and believe in the Eucharist simply so that they would be closer to Christ. I wanted them to admit that I was right. I wanted the satisfaction of knowing that I converted them on this issue. It was at that point when I realized that my prayers were not going to be heard. I didn’t have their best interests in mind, nor did I seem at all concerned about the Glory of God. And so, I thought to myself, “who could possibly not have any impure motive?” Mary. Mary only desires that her Son be glorified. She receives nothing from my brother and sister being converted. Interestingly, I’ve been trying to think of Patrons to offer each family member to, someone unique to their needs and personalities. I think, though, that I will just give them to Mary. Mary will offer them up perfectly to Jesus. He will hear her prayers. I know that he already has.

After Adoration, my brother didn’t say much. In fact he has said nothing at all about the experience. My sister, on the other hand, is super confused. She read John 6 while sitting in Adoration, which was probably not such a good idea if she wanted to maintain her Baptist beliefs. She sees why we believe in it, but started to get frustrated because she doesn’t know of a conservative church that believes in the Real Presence, that doesn’t practice infant baptism. She’s against infant baptism, but she admitted she’s not one-hundred percent sure on that either. It’s hard to just let go, to give them to Mary, to stop hounding them and let Mary do her work. But I have hope!

And I’m getting so close to the end of my year of abstaining from alcohol for their conversion. I’m so antsy. I know that something good is going to happen, but I don’t want to be disappointed if it doesn’t. But maybe I’m starting to see fruit? Eucharistic Adoration about a month before my sacrifice ends and confusion about what the truth is? It’s looking up!

Mary, I offer the hearts of my brother and sister to you. With the assistance of the Holy Spirit, you formed in your womb, effortlessly, the God-Man. Quickly, with the help of God the Holy Spirit, form my brother and sister into two fine young Roman Catholics. Amen.