Salvation and Medication

So, yesterday I got progressively sicker throughout the day. What began as just a ticklish cough and sniffles turned into a nasty cough, congestion, headache, and night sweats. In short I felt awful. I feel ok now, but that’s because I’m hopped up on drugs, which made me start thinking. These cold medicines I’m taking (yes, I’m taking different kinds all at once), how much help are they really? Are they just covering up my symptoms or are they tackling the root cause? Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying feeling decent right now, but I am afraid that the virus, or whatever it is, is still in there. I might feel and look better, but really, I’m still the same sick person inside.

Isn’t this how we often how we often approach salvation? I used to believe that I was so utterly horrid that the even after accepting Christ, I wouldn’t truly be changed, but that I would “wear” Christ, that he would only cover up my symptoms, my sins. But Scripture actually teaches something different, that in Christ we are new creations. Christ targets the real problem, sin, and transforms us. He heals us, not hides us. We don’t just wear his holiness, we become his holiness.

Just like how I won’t get completely better the moment I take a vaccine, or how the 12th Avenue North project in Fargo won’t get done instantaneously, we aren’t transformed in an instant, but over the course of our lifetimes and the time spent in Purgatory.

Let us thank and praise Christ for not merely hiding our nature, but changing it.