God Is Pretty Great

Let’s just say that I was at Holy Spirit this morning praying, and I finally just told God something like this: “Ok, I’m done talking, I will just listen to what you have to say. I have only one question, what is my vocation?” I sit there, and then I get up and leave, deciding that I will go to Mass at the Newman in the afternoon instead. As I walk outside, Sr. Marie is getting out of a van so she can go to Mass and we strike up a conversation in the parking lot about vocation, particularly the priesthood. I tell her that I’ve been having a tough time with discernment, and she, not surprisingly, said that she pretty much always knew her vocation and it wasn’t tough at all. She said that she will be praying for me, and then suggested that I ask Fr. Darin Didier to pray for me. A native of Minnesota, and a man who served as a priest at Holy Spirit for a few months after his ordination, Fr. Didier passed away the day after my birthday in 2005, of cancer. Many have visited his grave site and miracles are attributed to his intercession. I don’t know if they are recognized by the Church, but nevertheless, he does sound like a great man to go to asking for intercession.

Fr. Didier, pray for my vocation!