Holy Hour

I have a list of people I’ve been making Holy Hours for over the last few weeks and will be making in the weeks to come. My goal was to get one done everyday. A great goal, but I haven’t attained it. I moved my sister up on the list since her 19th birthday is on Saturday. I wanted to make sure she got her adoration card in the mail before her birthday came. I’ve kind of had a bad day, did poorly on an exam (speculating that I did bad at least), and am just not in the mood. But while I was at Holy Spirit, this teacher brings her class in. They must have been first or second graders. Anyway, it was really cute to see them all in their school uniforms kneeling before the tabernacle and recite in unison an Act of Contrition. I realized then and there that I wish my faith was more childlike, that I didn’t get down about the circumstances that surround me, or the things I have seen and done that I wish I had never seen and done. I want to get back to that innocence of faith that was lost so long ago. Once they left, that was what my prayer was, to have childlike faith.

Lord Jesus, you came to earth as a child. Give us the grace of a child-like faith,
to trust you as a child trusts their good and loving parent. Amen.