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At daily Mass on Saturday, Msgr. Wold spoke about the lack of questioning that the disciples gave when Christ called them in the Gospel reading. He told us that we often hear the voice of God but question it, make every excuse to not follow it, but we need to not do that. While he was in the seminary, Bishop Sullivan would tell the seminarians to stop discerning, and to live as if they were called. The Church would tell them if they didn’t really have a vocation. So is that it? Is that my answer? Am I to proceed forward as if I have a vocation to the priesthood, and keep going until the Church says, “no”?


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  1. I often wonder the same thing in my supposed vocation to religious life. There are a million questions that run my mind, but I am told it is fear and the just live with it as my life unless I hear a defined no somewhere. It is a curious thing because it is by questioning that we discover things about our faith as well.

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