This is a Poop Story

I will never be able to understand what goes through the minds of 19 year olds. Someone in our building decided to kick their mardi gras off by pooping in the showers early early this morning, somewhere around midnight. Honestly, what makes someone think of doing something like that, let alone actually carrying through with it? So then, the RA’s have to clean it up, and it takes a long time because we have to get a biohazard kit, then carefully clean it up, then mop, then disinfect, then call the Safety Office to let them know we have a biohazard that needs to be picked up the next morning.

I’m hoping they were just getting it out of their system (no puns intended) on this, our mardi gras, and are giving up pooping in the shower for Lent. Hopefully for Easter and Ordinary Time as well.