Speaking of Oprah

and her “all paths lead to God” ideology, I am watching Law and Order: SVU on the USANetwork and there was some lame commercial with all these USA stars saying something about themselves and how they are all characters and some lame woman says, “I believe in all paths to God.”


When will all of this relativity crap stop?


2 thoughts on “Speaking of Oprah

  1. Perhaps it will stop when you realize that people are searching for the same thing. God. Grow up and stop being an asshole. That’s what drives people away from God.

    • I’m going to try to be charitable here, but it may be difficult. How in the world is my realization that people are searching for God going to suddenly make all the relativism stop? Do you even understand what relativism is? I think not.

      The simple truth is that not all paths can lead to God. It just doesn’t work. If the Christian path leads to God, it rules out all other paths because that is the nature of the path when Christ says “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through me.” If any single other path leads to God it means, by Christ’s own statement that Christianity is NOT a path to God.

      It doesn’t work and me realizing that all people are looking for God would never change the reality of what’s going on in the world.

      And I do realize that we are all searching for God. It doesn’t mean that all the roads we are searching down lead to him. Sorry to burst your bubble dude, but relativism is false.

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